What are your opening hours in 2023?

We are open every days from Saturday 27th november 2023 until Sold out (normally a few days before 25th Dec).

Our opening are hours are:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm

Saturdays: 7am on (3rd & 10th) to 6.30pm

8am on Sat 17th to 6pm

Sundays: 8am on (4th & 11th) to 5.30pm

8am on Sun 18th to 5pm

Do you take Eftpos on site?

We accept EFPOS and cash 


How fresh are your trees? 

Our trees are cut daily at our farms and transported to our site Swan Street, Richmond 


Do you have really large trees? 

Yes, we have a range of 9 and 10 ft trees and you can order even larger sizes.


How will an average 7 ft tree fit in my car?  

Easily, trust us we have been doing this a long time


Can I pre-order a tree and pick it up? 

Yes, email us or ring on 0413 65 4001 and your tree will be waiting for you


Can you deliver?

We are currently not offering this service however we are experienced at assisting customers placing their tree inside cars of all sizes


Do you sell tree stands? 

Yes we have multiple types-  large and medium and XL


Can you trim the base of the tree for me? 



Will you put the tree on my car roof for me? 


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